Rena J. Guttridge SRN: Practitioner, Tutor and Author

Erasing the debilitating effects of bullying, trauma, stress, phobia and abuse.

the 5 awakenings child image

The 5 Awakenings Trauma Release Sequence

is an innovative form of energy medicine combined with play therapy.

Addressing the root cause, our method facilitates full recovery from distressing effects caused by trauma, stress, fear, abuse or bullying.

Safe, empowering, easy to learn and use.

The sequence is taught at ‘How To’ day classes and one to one healing sessions.

The therapy involves 5 simple energy related movements and is producing remarkable responses.

Trauma and abuse in childhood does not have to be a limiting, lifetime experience and our successful outcomes include children as young as 3 years of age.

The 5 Awakenings Sequence is an outstanding tool for those in complementary medicine practice and those who work with or care for children.

“When issues are freed from the past, then the present and the future can be
open to a place of joy”
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