The 5 Awakenings Sequence

The 5 Awakenings Sequence

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A unique stress and  trauma release method based on art, colour and energy medicine that facilitates full recovery from the debilitating or recurring effects of ACEs—Adverse Childhood Experiences; including trauma, grief, bullying, PTSD, anxiety and abuse.  The Sequence factors in a catalyst for change, allowing the recipient to move forward with raised self-esteem, self respect, dignity and freedom of choice. Exceptional for use for children and now being used in schools; the Sequence is easily learned and administered in a format that is that is safe and simplistic to use

The process is now available online.

The therapeutic process is equally suitable for adults or children facilitating full recovery and enabling freedom from issues that are impeding self esteem and personal progress.

Safe, empowering, easy to learn and use, the sequence erases disruptive responses that occur in the body during and after any traumatic experience.

By activating a defensive wavelength in the body to provide impact and change; the process continues to create a state of balance where personal qualities, choice and potential can be activated and restored.

Successful outcomes include children as young as 3 years of age and we have many case studies that show complete and long term freedom from the traumatic experience.

There are 5 movements in the sequence that unify to create the transformational tool.

Each of the movements embraces specific properties and action:

  • The First movement: Erases and transmutes the effects of debilitating or traumatic influences.
  • The Second movement: Restores self-stature and worth; overcomes any subservience or abuse.
  • The Third movement: Offers progression and is a catalyst for change.
  • The Fourth movement: Brings power and balance; stimulates endings and new beginnings.
  • The Final movement: Offers protection, stability and structure to the changes.

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“I just wanted to say thank you for the 5 Awakenings session yesterday. When I left your house I felt like a different woman, and my sister said I was glowing! I awoke this morning with no fear, and a new feeling of strength and positivity. I am definitely going to continue with everything you taught me.”

“I have now very successfully worked on 5 people using the trauma release and also another child being bullied to great effect. The first child is doing magnificent and I get regular updates; it has made a remarkable change in his life.” Wendy Logan, Practitioner

And the following is a beautiful testimonial on the success of the 5 Awakenings Sequence with children.
“I have known Rena many years; a wonderful lady who brings something special to every interaction. It might sound dramatic but Rena “brought” my son back. When my 2 year old son broke his femur, whilst at nursery, I “lost” my happy and sociable toddler for almost six months; his entire personality changed. He had night terrors, would cover his face in social situations, got separation anxiety if I left the room and leaving the house was unbearable for him. Rena introduced me to ‘The 5 Awakenings’ and came to the house, where my son was most at ease. Rena worked through the sequence with him. Less than 24 hours later he was laughing and playing at a family celebration; we had our son back; a day I will never forget. The transformation was unbelievable and I can’t express how grateful I am. Rena truly is a very special lady.”