The 5 Awakenings Sequence ‘How To’ class

The ‘How To’ one day class covers all of the healing aspects and practice of The 5 Awakenings Sequence and is designed for all levels of professional or recreational needs.

It is a valuable tool applicable for those working in complementary healthcare, energy medicine,child care professions, teaching and foster care.

There is an ongoing teacher tutorial programme in place for professionals who wish to teach their own classes.

The class programme includes:

  • Background, history and development of the sequence
  • Introduction to the faculty and healing potential of the energy body
  • Principles and function of energy centres utilised in the Sequence
  • Overview of up to date Energy Medicine concepts and modalities
  • The 5 Awakenings Sequence procedure and applications
  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Integrating the sequence successfully into applicable professional work

The day class includes a comprehensive ‘How To’ guide book; Colour templates; Attendance certificate and CPD. The class has an interactive format and offers a caring and joyful experience.

 UK Dates 2017: 

Rena hosts classes in Ripponden, West Yorkshire, UK.                                                                

Friday 11th August 2017;  Saturday 11th November 2017

For registration details Email: or Tel: 01422 825772

Fee: £75

For other classes in the UK please see Teachers in Practitioner listing page

Class Testimonials

“It’s a must do. So powerful. Changes lives. I use it with families all the time.” Dr Alweena Awan PhD

“Rena thank you so much for teaching me this great tool”

“The decision to do this course is really one of the best I feel I have ever made”

“The class was uplifting, joyful, and inspiring- thank you”

“I have now very successfully worked on 5 people using the trauma release and also another child being bullied to great effect. The first child is doing magnificent and I get regular updates; it has made a remarkable change in his life. A second child has very much changed his language about things and is doing great, wonderful. Once again Rena thank you so much for teaching me this great tool and I’m interested in any other things you have to teach or CPD days that I can attend”
Wendy Sharp, Tyne and Wear

“Thank you so much for all your support and teachings! It was such a gift to sit in your workshop and have the wonderful personal interactions. I will truly enjoy the work and am excited to share it with the world!”

“The course not only met, but far surpassed our expectations and hopes”

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”
Di Wilson, Staintondale.

“Thank you for making this re-connection process available .Your years of endeavours and insights are invaluable to the incoming generations and especially relative to us all now. You are and always have been a trail blazer for new insights, truth, honesty and integrity. A rich tapestry indeed. It was an honour and a pleasure to work with you”
Sheila Barnes, Co Durham